Today, I declared Pet Day at the studio. The first time I ever did it. I'm known to shoot people and their relationships. I like shooting the happy, documenting friendships, love and family. I love photographing a father's love for his first baby girl, a mother's love for her already-grown children, a toddler's love for his parents. But after I photographed Cris and Bratley, I wanted to explore the love between owner and pet. Hmmm. This probably stemming out of curiosity (my Psychology degree finally getting some use haha) why pet owners do consider their pets as their babies and why they love them animals unconditionally. Okay, I also want to know what I'm missing.

You see, I'm no pet owner. I've had a few dogs in my childhood but nothing serious. They're our family's communal dogs, so I never really got the chance to take care of them on a really personal level. But this afternoon, I think I'm learning to understand why pet owners love their pets to a glorious extent. I guess it is because of the things the pets stand for: loyalty, trust, unconditional love, happiness. No pet can hold a grudge, or judge you for your internal battles. No pet will leave you. They listen. And they just love you without interjecting past or future references. So after seven pets, I'm tired as crazy. My clothes, fur-filled but I'm happy to have documented seven happy relationships. All different. But all brimming with love. 
Koei Takara
6/30/2013 10:17:52 pm

Teach...ang lupit naman nito! ASTEEG!!!

1/2/2017 01:11:26 am

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