I bought this after a friend recommended the quality and the range of colors to choose from. The hair product is called Manic Panic and I got one in Voodoo Blue. It says semi-permanent, veggie-based color so it won't be too harsh on the crowned glory. Nice!
I had my hair strands bleached thrice and then it took about 4 hours and then I had the color stay on my hair for another 5 hours. Oh and the whole thing can't be done without help so thanks to my cousin Jonna. I guess unless you're some kind of hair expert.

I bought the blue pigment, bleaching solution and powder for P1,270 at www.funkystreaks.com. Comes with a comb, bowl and gloves.

The verdict: happy!
12/18/2013 03:12:03 pm

The hair color products are very useful to our healthy hair. The hair should get good health and best color. And the users will get at online marketplaces. There we have more colors and other hair dry items and other hair products available.

9/30/2016 05:40:37 am

Everyone can get better information about first hair color diy expereince really informative tips I ever seen here. Keep doing in the same way with well points always, thanks for cameramom blog for updating with us.

10/24/2017 03:59:53 am

Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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