What's for lunch love?
Isabelle these days are more interested in our day-to-day items like forks, spoons, plates, pots, stoves, etc... So we decided to get her toys that look like our household items so she'd stop obsessing about our home stuff.

Oh, how she loves them! These two sets of cookware we both got from Toy Kingdom for less than P100 per set.

At least now she's banging on plastic instead of the real deal.
A lot of women swear by this. My friend Grace does, so she'd sms'd me this chart which tells you what month you should do the bed deed crossed with the mom's age so you get the gender result that you desire. 

I'm not Chinese. I just look like one since I'm quite the singkit. I remember a mom of one of my  blockmates back in college, pointing to a picture of 10 people, only 3 of us were not Chinese. And she told me, oh you have a Chinese classmate, pointing to me! So I look Chinese more that my real Chinese friends. Haha. Anyway, I have no idea if I'm even doing this right.
Okay so this is the first time I saw this chart so I went over accuracy, checking out if things went right with Isabelle. But no, the chart reads wrong. It says Isabelle should have been a boy. But hey, like what a lot of people say, there's nothing wrong with trying this second time around. Wala namang mawawala sa'yo as they say with any pamahiin. 
Anyone who used this and got the odds right? But you know what, as long as the mom and baby are both safe, getting the desired gender right, I think is the icing on the super big cake.
I've had heard sob stories of pregnant women and mothers with babies who weren't offered seats while commuting.

Here at Singapore's MRT, there are signs littered everywhere to remind people how to be sensitive to the plight of mothers and mothers to be.

Maybe we can have some of these installed in our country's public lines.
Give up the seat!
Four types of people who deserve that seat.
But if government or the private operators see this as a not-so-important expense, then maybe we can just make mental notes - to be kind to all mothers, not only in transit but whenever possible.
The reason why all the hardships are worth taking in.
It's Mother's Day today and I'm overwhelmed with the greetings, usually from other mothers, who really understand what it means to be a mother. I feel that after I gave birth, it was an initiation to a cult of women, who wink at each other, who acknowledge the crying baby in your arms, who understand you when you're in public while your baby is wailing. The members of this all-elite club do not judge or glare at you when you make parental mistakes. They understand because they've been there, too.

Being a mother is hard and it's not an overstatement. It's a non-ending juggle that you need to do on a daily basis: spending time with the kids, teaching them about the world, working you ass off to be good at your work, managing the household, and to top it all off, you have to be a kind, loving, sexy wife to your husband. Whew! Being a mother is not a destination. It's a journey. And once you're in, you never stop.

Though I enjoyed my single life. Then, I was number one on my list. I worked hard, I partied harder. But when I became a mom, from first, I became last. My child and my husband come first now. But I'm not complaining. The love I feel as a wife and as a mother is way too much beyond my wildest dreams. It may seem to everyone that kami ang kawawa lagi, but in reality, that's not the case. I am overly compensated with happiness that I get whenever I give to my family. I'm bursting with joy whenever I see my family smile and laugh. The sight is more than enough. And that is the reason why I have strength to juggle all my tasks, and why I am not afraid to give my all to the people I love. So there's no day that I wished I was single again. I love being a mother and I'm so proud to be one.

So to all mother's out there, may you always be blessed with love, joy and quiet moments. Happy Mother's Day!
Hey how about me! Photo from veggiekate.com
Being a mom, well isn't a walk in the park. A working mom at that, makes you go into hyper-multitasking mode which I've been doing since I gave birth. So this means, exercise and good eating habits were replaced with more time in my hands that I thought was beneficial. How wrong.

Yesterday, I got my blood chemistry results. If it were a report card, my marks - flunking, barely afloat. Cholesterol's border. Sugar's at the border, too. And the liver is pfffffft. My liver problem's back. Last time I heard from it was in college, that's why I kicked drinking booze goodbye some years ago. I've been eating like a badass. So yesterday, I was looking at the results and I'd done some psychological spanking. How did it get this bad? 

Motherhood should not be an excuse for this very lame health grade. So yesterday, Melvene and I decided to do things healthier. For us and for our family's sake. 

So the blood chem results, I will treat is as a love letter coming from my body, asking for some kind of intervention and a lot of loving. So on with the health and all things good for me and my family. Oil, salt and sugar - sayonara baby!

Photographing children is one of the aspects of my business that make me so happy and giddy. It can be infuriating for those who won't do some zen tactics. 

Honestly, when I was single, I never thought about photographing kids. But now that I have a daughter of my own, I find myself enjoying shooting other children as well! I guess I understand them better, too now that my mother instincts have finally kicked in.

So for those of you out there who'd like to do some serious snappin' (pardon the pun), here are just some tips from a mom shooter. 

Toys are Us! 

Bring in toys to your shoot like rattles or things that your child adore. A favorite toy perhaps? Or something that will catch your kid's attention. Bring it near your lens if you want them looking towards the camera. They can be cool props, too!

Bring Me.

Don't forget to bring insect repellent, towels, extra clothes for you and for the little one during the shoot, most especially when you're shooting outdoors. Also bring along the normal things in your baby bag. 

Go Down.

People usually take pictures from their eye level. But if you're taking photographs of small children, it's best to photograph from their eye level so you see the world from where they're standing. Plus you get to zoom in on their eyes!
Like a Boss. 
You just have to accept the fact that if your child is too young to understand your instructions, then no matter what kind of verbal prodding it is that you'll opt to use, it ain't gonna work. Period. When they're getting cranky, stop the shoot for a snack, a snooze or for some play time. Wait for them to get ready. It's better for everyone's sanity.

Let them be.
Photographs of them sitting down in prim and proper fashion is cute. But it's also nice to try taking pictures of them in actual play. If you're not able to pose them, just shoot them while eating, playing, twirling or running about.

Let Go.
So if the shoot doesn't work to your favor, accept that there's always another shoot day. Maybe your child is just not into posing today. But tomorrow, is hopefully a better day to try again. 

Happy shooting! 
What kind of magic branding has Jollibee been doing? My daughter who is a year old, adores the orange bee! On our way to Makati, she could point at all the six stores! Hahaha!

We brought her yesterday to say hello to the mascot. Just look at the sheer happiness on her face!
Jolly indeed.
I was reading a post about a father's letter to his daughter's future husband. And I feel the same way, share the same sentiments that moved me to write this. That no woman should doubt her self worth. No woman should be told by anyone that she is not worthy, not beautiful enough, too fat for his taste, too adventurous, too much or too less of anything. No woman should ever feel that she is below another's standards because any man who tells that to a woman, is not worth her love and time. 

I've just heard too many sob stories about women trying too hard on how to be the one true love for someone. When they shouldn't even try. And I hope and pray that Isabelle won't have to feel that way towards someone - to try too hard to be loved when true love should be effortless, a partnership where there's least resistance. 

They all say that the best way to teach a child is to show, not tell. And I want her to see how much Melvene loves us, and I pray that she aspires for that kind of love. A love that does not judge. A love that is whole and full. I want to show her that receiving that kind of love, the love that everyone is pining for, is possible. It is given freely without condition. It is not an exception. 

And if anyone feels that her self worth is being stepped or trampled on, the best thing to do is dust yourself of the negativism and walk away no matter how painful it seems at first, but it will do you so much good in the long run. Out there, someone will love you the way you should be and want to be loved. You'll just have to believe that the universe will conspire to give you what you deserve. 
Eastwood City's Mall is such a gracious host to moms! At its third floor, beside Toys R Us, there hides a breastfeeding center getaway, complete with two comfy sofas that each has a curtain for the much-wanted privacy of baby feeding.
Temperature's a-ok, will make any baby cozy in sheer delight. There are magazines for mom's entertainment while doing the motherly deed. Big plus! The room smells good, too!
Complete with a diaper changing area, too instead of going to the restroom where lines are typically crazy in the women's loo, sometimes we come in here to tidy up Isabelle.
And to top it all off, there's reserve parking for pregnant women! So from the bottom my heart, thank you Eastwood for making life much easier for a mallrat mom like me.
It's funny that Issa and I enjoy the same cartoon over at Jim Jam TV, 6:30PM and 9PM. Barney comes in second, but Frances is our favorite choice. The tube series is about a family of badgers - mom, dad, Frances and her younger sister Gloria. But wow, this one deals a lot of stuff about parenting! So while Issa is entertained with classical music tunes made into Frances' songs, I get to learn from a cartoon animal. It can't get any more wicked than that! Hahaha!

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