Dunn-Edwards Paints was introduced to me last month and I fell in love with the vast color choices that no matter how hard I want to make tipid and use Boysen, which may I add is half of its price, I couldn't make myself turn away! I'm justifying in my head but I have to let it go. It's done. Let go, Heids. Inhale, exhale, let go. Hahaha!
I want something like this in my studio or better yet, it my house! Ooooohlalala!
We have been actively looking around for furniture to fill our new home. One of the stores we looked into was the new Heima over at Brixton. It's somewhere near the Ace Water Spa Condominium, Brgy. Kapitolyo area.
They house lovely-cute furniture that will make a room shine. I most especially love the writing tables and the turntables. And I love Bong and Rossy Rosales' design aesthetic as well. I met Bong during my Ang Bandang Shirley days when we would play over at Cubao X. They still have their quaint store there.
And I spotted Nice and Owel's IdKids creations! Owel by the way is my former band's frontman. Way cool! Isabelle will most probably enjoy these blocks.
Plus the happy framed posters! I will have to have one for our new home. But for now, we're just window shopping.
In a few months, we'll be moving out from my parent's house which has become our temporary rest point just until we're ready to move to our new home. And for the past few months, Melvene and I have been devouring over furniture and home designs. I've become a monster pinner overnight at pinterest and one of the peg-finds is this lovely table. I just wish we can pull this off, well at least the feel of it. 
We'd recently bumped into Leah, owner of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery and of 10a Alabama, who says she has this nice old wood that can resurrected into a dining table! Perfect! It must be divine intervention or something.

We've been fans of Resurrection when we met them the first time. They were our neighbors at 154 Maginhawa Street, their showroom was adjacent to our photography studio. I actually bought a gray bookcase from her which my mom wanted to paint over because she thought it looked quite old. Fortunately, it's still in its original form. We'll see how things transpire. But for now, I'm just crossing my fingers!

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