When you're just too on the go to even care to prepare a healthier meal, you resort to the easiest and fastest way to gobble up. Yup, fast food.

At Singapore's Changi airport, we didn't want to spend for white-linen rates for our non-fried choices, so we crossed our fingers and headed to the nearest Mc Donald's and thankfully there's a grilled chicken option! How nice, a lesser evil.

Mcdo has been receiving bad press for bringing unhealthy stuff to the table. The movie-documentary Supersize Me gives a sarcastic summary. So I'm sure the power fastfood chain has been churning out some healthier choices. But none in Jollibee country. So this is me asking Mcdo Philippines: Can we have this in the Philippines please? I will opt you over Jollibee if you do. Haha.
How hard is it to pick healthy while you're at the mall? Well, very if you are somewhat like me who is very easily teased by junk food. But thank God for Eastern choices!
The Gai Yang, Thai boneless grilled chicken at P270 is very good! Juicy! We had to remove the skin though. We very well know that the bad fat gets sponged in by 'em.
Another healthy delight is the Tom Kha Gai or the Chicken Lemon Grass Soup at P140. The single serve of lush coco milk with chicken breast is spot on!

I'm thankfully not feeling bloated by my better choices. I would have gone vegetarian if I didn't have a love affair with my gai - chicken in english.

Eastwood Mall Veranda
Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

We're not tempted by this giant!
I just had to take a picture with the big fries! On display at Eastwood Mall.

My third day of healthy. How long I'll be walking this path? Forever, I hope. Wish me luck!
After a client meeting at the Fort, and with the path towards healthy eating in tow, Melvene and I have become instant hunters of all things leaning towards the veggie side.

So we found ourselves at Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine.
For our healthy choices, veering away from anything fried, we ordered the Special Xiao Long Bao at P115. Tasty compared to the other XLBs I've tasted.
Then we opted to go for the Suzhou-style vegetable at P180. Not bad with the generous portion of shitake mushrooms!
And lastly we ordered the Mushroom Fish Fillet at P290. We asked the server if they fried the fillets and thank God they didn't. Just boiled to Chinese perfection.
All in all, the whole eastern chinese experience was good. Good service, good food and a good restroom. They have sofa seats too so that made our stat comfy!

There are nice booths with cushioned seats for private meetings. They serve beer, too for those who'd benefit from a little alcohol. Hahaha!

Bonifacio Global City. 2/F Crossroads Complex , 32nd St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Hey how about me! Photo from veggiekate.com
Being a mom, well isn't a walk in the park. A working mom at that, makes you go into hyper-multitasking mode which I've been doing since I gave birth. So this means, exercise and good eating habits were replaced with more time in my hands that I thought was beneficial. How wrong.

Yesterday, I got my blood chemistry results. If it were a report card, my marks - flunking, barely afloat. Cholesterol's border. Sugar's at the border, too. And the liver is pfffffft. My liver problem's back. Last time I heard from it was in college, that's why I kicked drinking booze goodbye some years ago. I've been eating like a badass. So yesterday, I was looking at the results and I'd done some psychological spanking. How did it get this bad? 

Motherhood should not be an excuse for this very lame health grade. So yesterday, Melvene and I decided to do things healthier. For us and for our family's sake. 

So the blood chem results, I will treat is as a love letter coming from my body, asking for some kind of intervention and a lot of loving. So on with the health and all things good for me and my family. Oil, salt and sugar - sayonara baby!

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