There's this belief that in a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the highest; if you're a 2 at something, you can't be a 7 at it. Probably at best, you can be a 5. And if you're a 7 at something, you can be 9.

I took a strengths test and got these as my results:
I think it's quite accurate though this is not like those real psych tests we got back in college while I was taking my Psych degree. But one thing I'm sure of is that people's results do change in time.

So what about weaknesses? If you're a bit low on something, get help or well, outsource. Learning can be tedious!

If you're bad at numbers, get an accountant. If you're bad at doing chores, get help. But there are things that you just can't outsource. How about being a parent, a child or being a better spouse? You try how to be good at it if you're failing. Or maybe you ask your fiance to take a strengths test before you settle down hahaha!
What kind of magic branding has Jollibee been doing? My daughter who is a year old, adores the orange bee! On our way to Makati, she could point at all the six stores! Hahaha!

We brought her yesterday to say hello to the mascot. Just look at the sheer happiness on her face!
Jolly indeed.
I don't go to Bo's feasts, but I had watched him speak and his charisma oozes out like no other! No wonder why people follow him about!

The other day, I picked up this book, How to Turn your Passion into Profit by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid, for my lenten read. Business added with spirituality is something I would love to pursue. And hopefully this book will lead me to the right direction.

So far (I'm in chapter 4), I've been enjoying it. A quote that resonates: "Remember that business is not a 100-meter dash but a long-distance run. Business is like courting a girl, marrying her and sticking to the marriage despite the trials that are sure to follow. If you love what you do, you'll definitely see it through."

Anyone who knew me back in college would understand how hard accounting was and is to me. I would have number-gifted friends help me with homework as I treat them to a cup of coffee that would turn into cups since it would take longer for me than usual to process debit-credit, receivables and depreciations! But I found out too late that in the real world of business, my 12 accounting units are the most helpful learnings among all my classes I took.
I did get myself an accountant, but I guess doing things in actual to understand the cash flow makes absolute sense. So balance sheets, bring 'em on!
The thing about being a photographer is that work usually comes on weekends: Weddings on weekends, events on weekends, more clients on weekends. But we all know that weekends, especially Sundays, in every Filipino's watch, is family time and for Catholics, time to hear mass and pray. 

So when I started Portraits by Heidi and workshops by Camera Cart, the assumption was of course that weekends would take center-stage of my work time. Last year, Melvene the husband and I went full blast. Working our asses off on weekdays and weekends. In other words, we were on 24/7. Yes, like the HBO documentary for a pre-Pacquiao fight. But this was our fight. And last 2012, we found ourselves too tired for words. I mean, really dead-tired, not knowing when a week starts has taken a heavy toll on me. I was stressed and tired. So I've been harboring guilt feelings also for not having Isabelle time, time for church, me time, and wife-husband time. I've lost my bearings. I was all work, work, work. 

But we took a 2-week vacation at the end of December (because if I wouldn't, I'd end up depleted) and I realized that I've built my business backwards. What I've been doing for the past years is that I made the business take center stage, and the things/people that matter most fit into my schedule. What I should have done was to prioritize the things/people that matter first, then the business will have to revolve around it so that I get to have purpose with every stride. So everything in my life have more meaning. 

I'm currently reading Why Entrepreneurs should Eat Bananas by Simon Tupman, a gift from my sister Hazel last Christmas. And he says:
The point of life is to be happy and enjoy life as much as possible. Yet many people seem to miss that point, and so play a pointless game, focusing solely on achieving status, recognition or financial abundance. As David Maister writes in True Professionalism: All other goals (money, fame, responsibility, achievement) are merely ways of making you happy. They are worthless in themselves. While financial targets are important, an exclusive striving towards higher financial goals can almost inevitably be a cause of dissatisfaction among those working in, and running, business of all sorts."
Long quote but definitely worth the read. And I say "Amen" to that!

For those who've started their own businesses and especially those who love what they do, I think you'd agree that it's so hard to stop working. I love working with Camera Cart and doing portrait work. It's who I am. It's so my passion. That I literally sleep and breathe thinking all about my businesses! I am really grateful that I've been given the opportunity to do what I love to do. The problem is when to stop.

So anyway, I'm still working on Saturdays, but I've decided I'll try my hardest to declare Sunday as family day. And for the first Sunday of 2013, I have chosen not to book any meetings, shoot any client. I have chosen to let the yaya take a break and have a Sunday off so I can spend time with my dearest Isabelle and my loving husband. We had lunch, made Isabelle tumble at the Gymboree, and had coffee when we were all exhausted. And it was perfect. 

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