I bought this after a friend recommended the quality and the range of colors to choose from. The hair product is called Manic Panic and I got one in Voodoo Blue. It says semi-permanent, veggie-based color so it won't be too harsh on the crowned glory. Nice!
I had my hair strands bleached thrice and then it took about 4 hours and then I had the color stay on my hair for another 5 hours. Oh and the whole thing can't be done without help so thanks to my cousin Jonna. I guess unless you're some kind of hair expert.

I bought the blue pigment, bleaching solution and powder for P1,270 at www.funkystreaks.com. Comes with a comb, bowl and gloves.

The verdict: happy!
I'm thirty three. Whuuutttt???!!!! Jesus was 33 when he saved the world. So what have I done for the last thirty three years? Save the world, not quite.

I've always said that I'm always excited to get older. The wisdom that comes with age and experience:  Knowing when to let go, accepting flaws and strengths, loving what is and what is not. Being thankful for friends and family, thankful for kisses, hand-holding, love. Giving back and sharing to the world. Doing Carpe Diems. Being still. Counting blessings. Staying true and in love with my husband, Isabelle, myself and life itself. 

No, I don't want to look back when I'm too old for the uncomfortable and say that I had not lived my life to the fullest. That I had not taken enough risks. That I had not travelled far to get to my dreams. That I had not loved enough, given enough of myself to the people I love and to the people that surround me. I don't want to regret anything for being too calculating and cautious. I want to be a good example to my daughter. And I will not be a sham when I tell her in the future, that you live only once. Bend, break, fall, but shake the dust and stand. Try again. As Albert Camus puts it: Live to the point of tears.

So cheers to another year. Who knows what I can do for another round. Save the world? Haha. Maybe. Or not. But I'll try to live in it as best as I can.

A lot of women swear by this. My friend Grace does, so she'd sms'd me this chart which tells you what month you should do the bed deed crossed with the mom's age so you get the gender result that you desire. 

I'm not Chinese. I just look like one since I'm quite the singkit. I remember a mom of one of my  blockmates back in college, pointing to a picture of 10 people, only 3 of us were not Chinese. And she told me, oh you have a Chinese classmate, pointing to me! So I look Chinese more that my real Chinese friends. Haha. Anyway, I have no idea if I'm even doing this right.
Okay so this is the first time I saw this chart so I went over accuracy, checking out if things went right with Isabelle. But no, the chart reads wrong. It says Isabelle should have been a boy. But hey, like what a lot of people say, there's nothing wrong with trying this second time around. Wala namang mawawala sa'yo as they say with any pamahiin. 
Anyone who used this and got the odds right? But you know what, as long as the mom and baby are both safe, getting the desired gender right, I think is the icing on the super big cake.
When you're just too on the go to even care to prepare a healthier meal, you resort to the easiest and fastest way to gobble up. Yup, fast food.

At Singapore's Changi airport, we didn't want to spend for white-linen rates for our non-fried choices, so we crossed our fingers and headed to the nearest Mc Donald's and thankfully there's a grilled chicken option! How nice, a lesser evil.

Mcdo has been receiving bad press for bringing unhealthy stuff to the table. The movie-documentary Supersize Me gives a sarcastic summary. So I'm sure the power fastfood chain has been churning out some healthier choices. But none in Jollibee country. So this is me asking Mcdo Philippines: Can we have this in the Philippines please? I will opt you over Jollibee if you do. Haha.
I've had heard sob stories of pregnant women and mothers with babies who weren't offered seats while commuting.

Here at Singapore's MRT, there are signs littered everywhere to remind people how to be sensitive to the plight of mothers and mothers to be.

Maybe we can have some of these installed in our country's public lines.
Give up the seat!
Four types of people who deserve that seat.
But if government or the private operators see this as a not-so-important expense, then maybe we can just make mental notes - to be kind to all mothers, not only in transit but whenever possible.
I've heard too many raves about the high-grade, quality and organic stuff that they sell here, obviously, honey-based products. I even have one of our dearest friends declare that the best soaps come from this place so I knew I had to check it out.

The road going to Ilog Maria is well, most makitid of its kind. This is actually a two-way street! Being off the road is probably the reasons why the bees thrive here.
When we arrived, we immediately trooped over the bee farm.
There's a sample box where you can see the bees in action.
The area is brimming with lush trees and flowers! There's this huge makopa tree (wax apple) that sheds too much fruit. They sell a big plastic bag for P20!
Then off to the shop that sells all honey products that you can think of: soap, shampoo, massage oil, aromatherapy oils, lip balms, insect bite ointments, candles, cider, honey, scrubs, etc...
The stuff I took home with me:
  • Small Propolis Ointment for P110 which I used when I got two huge mosquito bites. Worked fast! I love it!
  • Massage Oil for P170.50. Used this with my last massage. I'm a fan. I love the smell! And it has a warming effect, too!
  • Virgin Honey for P360 a bottle. Honey is still the earth's natural sweetener and the real ones don't jolt your blood sugar. I use this with my lemon water! We bought "real" honey from the grocery and it turned into sugar eeew. The real and virgin ones don't. They sell one bottle per person only, to cater to the supply & demand.
  • Honey Cider Vinegar for P165 a bottle. I'm currently taking a table spoon of this plus a glass of water before breakfast in the morning as cleanser for my intestines. It works!
  • Soaps for P60 ea. I got lavender (for relaxing), orange (my fave smell and for healing), glycerin (for the face), coffee (to remove food scent on the body after cooking). And I adore 'em all. So my friend is right! Once you use their soap, you'll never use any other. I'm in love! Bath time is more fun hahaha!

So am I coming back through that very small claustrophobia-inducing road? Yes, definitely! All the stuff I bought are now mentally listed as my favorite indulgences. And nope, they don't need to come in pricey all the time.

Km. 47, Silang, Cavite
The reason why all the hardships are worth taking in.
It's Mother's Day today and I'm overwhelmed with the greetings, usually from other mothers, who really understand what it means to be a mother. I feel that after I gave birth, it was an initiation to a cult of women, who wink at each other, who acknowledge the crying baby in your arms, who understand you when you're in public while your baby is wailing. The members of this all-elite club do not judge or glare at you when you make parental mistakes. They understand because they've been there, too.

Being a mother is hard and it's not an overstatement. It's a non-ending juggle that you need to do on a daily basis: spending time with the kids, teaching them about the world, working you ass off to be good at your work, managing the household, and to top it all off, you have to be a kind, loving, sexy wife to your husband. Whew! Being a mother is not a destination. It's a journey. And once you're in, you never stop.

Though I enjoyed my single life. Then, I was number one on my list. I worked hard, I partied harder. But when I became a mom, from first, I became last. My child and my husband come first now. But I'm not complaining. The love I feel as a wife and as a mother is way too much beyond my wildest dreams. It may seem to everyone that kami ang kawawa lagi, but in reality, that's not the case. I am overly compensated with happiness that I get whenever I give to my family. I'm bursting with joy whenever I see my family smile and laugh. The sight is more than enough. And that is the reason why I have strength to juggle all my tasks, and why I am not afraid to give my all to the people I love. So there's no day that I wished I was single again. I love being a mother and I'm so proud to be one.

So to all mother's out there, may you always be blessed with love, joy and quiet moments. Happy Mother's Day!
How hard is it to pick healthy while you're at the mall? Well, very if you are somewhat like me who is very easily teased by junk food. But thank God for Eastern choices!
The Gai Yang, Thai boneless grilled chicken at P270 is very good! Juicy! We had to remove the skin though. We very well know that the bad fat gets sponged in by 'em.
Another healthy delight is the Tom Kha Gai or the Chicken Lemon Grass Soup at P140. The single serve of lush coco milk with chicken breast is spot on!

I'm thankfully not feeling bloated by my better choices. I would have gone vegetarian if I didn't have a love affair with my gai - chicken in english.

Eastwood Mall Veranda
Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

We're not tempted by this giant!
I just had to take a picture with the big fries! On display at Eastwood Mall.

My third day of healthy. How long I'll be walking this path? Forever, I hope. Wish me luck!
After a client meeting at the Fort, and with the path towards healthy eating in tow, Melvene and I have become instant hunters of all things leaning towards the veggie side.

So we found ourselves at Suzhou Eastern Chinese Cuisine.
For our healthy choices, veering away from anything fried, we ordered the Special Xiao Long Bao at P115. Tasty compared to the other XLBs I've tasted.
Then we opted to go for the Suzhou-style vegetable at P180. Not bad with the generous portion of shitake mushrooms!
And lastly we ordered the Mushroom Fish Fillet at P290. We asked the server if they fried the fillets and thank God they didn't. Just boiled to Chinese perfection.
All in all, the whole eastern chinese experience was good. Good service, good food and a good restroom. They have sofa seats too so that made our stat comfy!

There are nice booths with cushioned seats for private meetings. They serve beer, too for those who'd benefit from a little alcohol. Hahaha!

Bonifacio Global City. 2/F Crossroads Complex , 32nd St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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