Photographing children is one of the aspects of my business that make me so happy and giddy. It can be infuriating for those who won't do some zen tactics. 

Honestly, when I was single, I never thought about photographing kids. But now that I have a daughter of my own, I find myself enjoying shooting other children as well! I guess I understand them better, too now that my mother instincts have finally kicked in.

So for those of you out there who'd like to do some serious snappin' (pardon the pun), here are just some tips from a mom shooter. 

Toys are Us! 

Bring in toys to your shoot like rattles or things that your child adore. A favorite toy perhaps? Or something that will catch your kid's attention. Bring it near your lens if you want them looking towards the camera. They can be cool props, too!

Bring Me.

Don't forget to bring insect repellent, towels, extra clothes for you and for the little one during the shoot, most especially when you're shooting outdoors. Also bring along the normal things in your baby bag. 

Go Down.

People usually take pictures from their eye level. But if you're taking photographs of small children, it's best to photograph from their eye level so you see the world from where they're standing. Plus you get to zoom in on their eyes!
Like a Boss. 
You just have to accept the fact that if your child is too young to understand your instructions, then no matter what kind of verbal prodding it is that you'll opt to use, it ain't gonna work. Period. When they're getting cranky, stop the shoot for a snack, a snooze or for some play time. Wait for them to get ready. It's better for everyone's sanity.

Let them be.
Photographs of them sitting down in prim and proper fashion is cute. But it's also nice to try taking pictures of them in actual play. If you're not able to pose them, just shoot them while eating, playing, twirling or running about.

Let Go.
So if the shoot doesn't work to your favor, accept that there's always another shoot day. Maybe your child is just not into posing today. But tomorrow, is hopefully a better day to try again. 

Happy shooting! 
What kind of magic branding has Jollibee been doing? My daughter who is a year old, adores the orange bee! On our way to Makati, she could point at all the six stores! Hahaha!

We brought her yesterday to say hello to the mascot. Just look at the sheer happiness on her face!
Jolly indeed.
I was reading a post about a father's letter to his daughter's future husband. And I feel the same way, share the same sentiments that moved me to write this. That no woman should doubt her self worth. No woman should be told by anyone that she is not worthy, not beautiful enough, too fat for his taste, too adventurous, too much or too less of anything. No woman should ever feel that she is below another's standards because any man who tells that to a woman, is not worth her love and time. 

I've just heard too many sob stories about women trying too hard on how to be the one true love for someone. When they shouldn't even try. And I hope and pray that Isabelle won't have to feel that way towards someone - to try too hard to be loved when true love should be effortless, a partnership where there's least resistance. 

They all say that the best way to teach a child is to show, not tell. And I want her to see how much Melvene loves us, and I pray that she aspires for that kind of love. A love that does not judge. A love that is whole and full. I want to show her that receiving that kind of love, the love that everyone is pining for, is possible. It is given freely without condition. It is not an exception. 

And if anyone feels that her self worth is being stepped or trampled on, the best thing to do is dust yourself of the negativism and walk away no matter how painful it seems at first, but it will do you so much good in the long run. Out there, someone will love you the way you should be and want to be loved. You'll just have to believe that the universe will conspire to give you what you deserve. 
Eastwood City's Mall is such a gracious host to moms! At its third floor, beside Toys R Us, there hides a breastfeeding center getaway, complete with two comfy sofas that each has a curtain for the much-wanted privacy of baby feeding.
Temperature's a-ok, will make any baby cozy in sheer delight. There are magazines for mom's entertainment while doing the motherly deed. Big plus! The room smells good, too!
Complete with a diaper changing area, too instead of going to the restroom where lines are typically crazy in the women's loo, sometimes we come in here to tidy up Isabelle.
And to top it all off, there's reserve parking for pregnant women! So from the bottom my heart, thank you Eastwood for making life much easier for a mallrat mom like me.
It's funny that Issa and I enjoy the same cartoon over at Jim Jam TV, 6:30PM and 9PM. Barney comes in second, but Frances is our favorite choice. The tube series is about a family of badgers - mom, dad, Frances and her younger sister Gloria. But wow, this one deals a lot of stuff about parenting! So while Issa is entertained with classical music tunes made into Frances' songs, I get to learn from a cartoon animal. It can't get any more wicked than that! Hahaha!
We just came back from the pedia and Issa hated it when our doc used the stethoscope on her! She kicked and cried to no avail! Our pedia suggested that we let her play with a stethoscope so she won't regard it as the enemy. Good thing we had a toy stashed away, a baby doll called Baby Alive that comes with a stethoscope, a thermometer, a spoon and a sippy cup.
Look who's playing doctor!
Let's wait until June whether the face-the-fear tactic will work on the little Isabelle.
Power puffs!
When I first saw my friend Lea's baby munching these - putting puff after puff in his mouth with his little sure hands in utmost ease, (and he's not turned one then), I was sold! I knew I had to try giving the stuff to Issa then. I didn't want to give her sugar-stuffed cereals and I'd been looking for a healthier alternative aside from her normal finger fruits. So with these puffs, Issa learned to put food in her mouth some 6 months ago. Yey!

Organic Puffs comes in other flavors such as strawberry, sweet potato, apple, banana and greens. Well of course nothing beats fresh but at least the label says that it's all organic, sweetened by 100% fruit juice instead of the evil white sugar. Plus it claims that sugar's half compared to other puffs.

Issa who is now very good at putting all things in her mouth, still enjoys this as snack. She reaches out to the container and I know she's yearning for a quick snack. I would recommend for those who want to teach their babies how to put food in their mouths by their lonesome. And those who are flying with their babies so they have something to munch on as the plane takes off to avoid ear pops.

A jar is worth P285 each at Healthy Options. Quite steep well, health is wealth yes?
Okay so we went to the Gymboree to have Issa play and bounce about. She was loving her yellow ball when an older boy, probably around 6 years old, took the ball Issa was playing with and wouldn't want her to have it back. Of course Issa tried to get it and I asked the boy if we could trade balls but he anwered me with a big fat N-O! Issa then cried with tearful misery and Melvene and I gave her all the balls we could find, which thankfully worked.

Haaay! If really you can just shield your child from all the pains of the world. At that simple moment, I knew I can't ever protect her forever. That I won't always be beside her, to cheer her up when circumstances would bring her down. I just hope that I can impart to my daughter how to choose her battles wisely. How to turn away when in the face of anger. And how to face adversaries by choosing higher roads. But for now, we'll just have to resort to distracting her attention.

Wow! All that realization in an hour at the Gymboree. I seem to be the one who's getting lessons here.
Since I've been getting a lot of verbal slap and jokes for cutting Isabelle's hair in a very short and crooked way, I had to share this video of fixing your kid's hair. Hilarious!
In my many years of novice kitchen adventures, I still have yet to find a more decent can opener. I've tried too many! Any suggestions?

The one I'm currently using has been, for years, an epic failure. I need a winner. Help!

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