I got bored with the old long hair with the happy green streaks. But this cutting decision I think, subconsciously is coming from the transition of us leaving the old house to the new one. And after a conversation with an artist, I realized that I shouldn't forget who I am and deny the creative in me. So the hair is the byproduct of all these complexities.

Oh the stuff we have to deal with: embracing the new, remembering the old, and accepting our real selves.

So there, the haircut.
Dunn-Edwards Paints was introduced to me last month and I fell in love with the vast color choices that no matter how hard I want to make tipid and use Boysen, which may I add is half of its price, I couldn't make myself turn away! I'm justifying in my head but I have to let it go. It's done. Let go, Heids. Inhale, exhale, let go. Hahaha!
Today, I declared Pet Day at the studio. The first time I ever did it. I'm known to shoot people and their relationships. I like shooting the happy, documenting friendships, love and family. I love photographing a father's love for his first baby girl, a mother's love for her already-grown children, a toddler's love for his parents. But after I photographed Cris and Bratley, I wanted to explore the love between owner and pet. Hmmm. This probably stemming out of curiosity (my Psychology degree finally getting some use haha) why pet owners do consider their pets as their babies and why they love them animals unconditionally. Okay, I also want to know what I'm missing.

You see, I'm no pet owner. I've had a few dogs in my childhood but nothing serious. They're our family's communal dogs, so I never really got the chance to take care of them on a really personal level. But this afternoon, I think I'm learning to understand why pet owners love their pets to a glorious extent. I guess it is because of the things the pets stand for: loyalty, trust, unconditional love, happiness. No pet can hold a grudge, or judge you for your internal battles. No pet will leave you. They listen. And they just love you without interjecting past or future references. So after seven pets, I'm tired as crazy. My clothes, fur-filled but I'm happy to have documented seven happy relationships. All different. But all brimming with love. 
2 broccoli heads
8 ounces of shitake mushrooms
8 ounces of button mushrooms
1 cup of chicken broth
4 tbsps of oyster sauce
2 cloves of garlic peeled and sliced
2 tsps cornstarch
Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Cut up mushrooms and broccoli.
2 In a bowl, mix up the broth, oyster sauce and cornstarch.
3 Wok in medium, toss in garlic 'til fragrant and them veggies. Three minutes is good.
4 Pour in the broth etc mixture.
5 Stir up 'til sauce is reduced.
6 Dinner yey!
So tantrums aren't just for humans. It's been said that when adolescent elephants throw tantrums, they splat themselves on mud. Hahaha. Tantrums are said to escalate among children who are 1 to 3 years old when they still don't have the capacity to communicate their frustrations. Maybe for elephants who don't have a good range of vocabulary, I guess tantrums are acceptable as a form of body language. Hahaha!
There's this belief that in a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 the highest; if you're a 2 at something, you can't be a 7 at it. Probably at best, you can be a 5. And if you're a 7 at something, you can be 9.

I took a strengths test and got these as my results:
I think it's quite accurate though this is not like those real psych tests we got back in college while I was taking my Psych degree. But one thing I'm sure of is that people's results do change in time.

So what about weaknesses? If you're a bit low on something, get help or well, outsource. Learning can be tedious!

If you're bad at numbers, get an accountant. If you're bad at doing chores, get help. But there are things that you just can't outsource. How about being a parent, a child or being a better spouse? You try how to be good at it if you're failing. Or maybe you ask your fiance to take a strengths test before you settle down hahaha!
What's for lunch love?
Isabelle these days are more interested in our day-to-day items like forks, spoons, plates, pots, stoves, etc... So we decided to get her toys that look like our household items so she'd stop obsessing about our home stuff.

Oh, how she loves them! These two sets of cookware we both got from Toy Kingdom for less than P100 per set.

At least now she's banging on plastic instead of the real deal.
I bought this after a friend recommended the quality and the range of colors to choose from. The hair product is called Manic Panic and I got one in Voodoo Blue. It says semi-permanent, veggie-based color so it won't be too harsh on the crowned glory. Nice!
I had my hair strands bleached thrice and then it took about 4 hours and then I had the color stay on my hair for another 5 hours. Oh and the whole thing can't be done without help so thanks to my cousin Jonna. I guess unless you're some kind of hair expert.

I bought the blue pigment, bleaching solution and powder for P1,270 at www.funkystreaks.com. Comes with a comb, bowl and gloves.

The verdict: happy!
I'm thirty three. Whuuutttt???!!!! Jesus was 33 when he saved the world. So what have I done for the last thirty three years? Save the world, not quite.

I've always said that I'm always excited to get older. The wisdom that comes with age and experience:  Knowing when to let go, accepting flaws and strengths, loving what is and what is not. Being thankful for friends and family, thankful for kisses, hand-holding, love. Giving back and sharing to the world. Doing Carpe Diems. Being still. Counting blessings. Staying true and in love with my husband, Isabelle, myself and life itself. 

No, I don't want to look back when I'm too old for the uncomfortable and say that I had not lived my life to the fullest. That I had not taken enough risks. That I had not travelled far to get to my dreams. That I had not loved enough, given enough of myself to the people I love and to the people that surround me. I don't want to regret anything for being too calculating and cautious. I want to be a good example to my daughter. And I will not be a sham when I tell her in the future, that you live only once. Bend, break, fall, but shake the dust and stand. Try again. As Albert Camus puts it: Live to the point of tears.

So cheers to another year. Who knows what I can do for another round. Save the world? Haha. Maybe. Or not. But I'll try to live in it as best as I can.

A lot of women swear by this. My friend Grace does, so she'd sms'd me this chart which tells you what month you should do the bed deed crossed with the mom's age so you get the gender result that you desire. 

I'm not Chinese. I just look like one since I'm quite the singkit. I remember a mom of one of my  blockmates back in college, pointing to a picture of 10 people, only 3 of us were not Chinese. And she told me, oh you have a Chinese classmate, pointing to me! So I look Chinese more that my real Chinese friends. Haha. Anyway, I have no idea if I'm even doing this right.
Okay so this is the first time I saw this chart so I went over accuracy, checking out if things went right with Isabelle. But no, the chart reads wrong. It says Isabelle should have been a boy. But hey, like what a lot of people say, there's nothing wrong with trying this second time around. Wala namang mawawala sa'yo as they say with any pamahiin. 
Anyone who used this and got the odds right? But you know what, as long as the mom and baby are both safe, getting the desired gender right, I think is the icing on the super big cake.

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